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There are multiple components to building and maintaining Brand value. At Keegan Associates we use our BRANDEVOlution process to help companies harness the power of their Brand to increase sales, expanded market share, and achieve better product differentiation against the competition.


Successful Brands are always evolving to meet market challenges and changing customer expectations and needs. The challenge is understanding how to effectively communicate the VALUE of your brand . .

•  reinforcing your promise to your current customers
•  engaging the ones you don’t have yet

That’s the mission of BRANDEVOlution. We can help grow Brand Development that brings your corporate vision to life. Through careful Brand Management we will integrate Brand Value into every level of your customer contact – from packaging and direct mail programs to all levels of marketing, online presence and social media engagement. With this approach, Branding becomes essential and an investment for growth. Our services work because they help your Brand build equity and tangible results = value.


What is that special “IT” that defines your organization? What is that combination of tangible and intangibles that make your organization unique in the marketplace? We will work closely with you to gain a better understanding of what your BRANDTRUTH is. We will frame it in a way your target public will appreciate, recognize, and desire. We will stay true to it in creating every piece of communication you produce and use.


We will develop strategies and creative approaches to raise your profile and profits. We will create the kind of unified image and market presence that makes your competitors shake their heads and say, “Oh yea, I wish we’d done that.”

Strong Brands act like a magnet. They draw customers to them. They build loyalty, market presence and overcome competitive challenges.

Imagine that.
We can help.

A few Brands we have supported.




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