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Client: Robbins Vending Company (Cortland, NY)


Robbins Vending Company has been the leading vending services in Cortland County for over 100 years. Increased competition from large, national food and beverage vending firms that were promoting new services, expanded lines, and other perceived advantages, had caused sales and business growth to become stagnant. The company realized it had to become more aggressive marketing its services and communicate better with its current and new customers.


Keegan Associates implemented its Mar-Com Audit Review process to analyze the company's current marketing efforts to determine if they supported business objectives and offered successful solutions to address competitive pressures.

Based on the Mar-Com Audit Review's analysis, Keegan Associates re-positioned the company's brand by differentiating key products and services so they could be marketed individually to highlight their value and advantages. The new brand identity campaign informed customers that Robbins Vending had the state-of-the-art technologies, energy savings programs, and extensive product mix that matched the large companies plus19 of the top 20 best selling brands in the nation. And as always the products were supported by the company's superior local customer service that included quick turn-around, local decision-making, and personal care.

Successful Solution:

By breaking down the company's products into individual brands the company is now able to highlight its multiple capabilities more effectively. Perceived weaknesses have actually been turned into real advantages through better communication and customer education. The company is no longer viewed as lacking resources but is instead positioned as a leader in providing superior vending experience.

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