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Client: Samaritan Medical Center (Watertown, NY)

Project:  Development of new Logo Brand



SamaritanMedicalCenter is a 287-bed community medical center serving multiple counties in Northern New York.  Samaritan also provides expanded healthcare and medical services to over 40,000 soldiers and family members at the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum. Fort Drum is the only Army installation in the US without its own on-post inpatient healthcare facility. This combination of multiple audiences with divergent needs and expectations makes Samaritan Medical Center a critical supplier to the region’s healthcare/medical capabilities.



As part of Samaritan Medical Center’s (SMC) long-range vision and objectives to communicate more effectively with its various audiences, the hospital sought to enhance its central brand with a new graphic image. Senior Management wanted the BRAND LOGO process to involve SMC’s entire staff as much as possible. It was correctly believed that this involvement would help develop  “ownership” by the staff with the final design and get their support in bringing the new design out into the public. The process would also show that Senior Management respected and sought the staff’s input and opinion.


Successful Solution:

Keegan Associates, with support and assistance from SMC’s Marketing Department, developed a multi-phased process to formulate a vision and creative direction that included focus group meetings involving all levels of management and staff. Conceptual designs were shown to the various staff levels at different stages of the creative process to get input and feedback. Design revisions were made and applied to different mar-com pieces for final review, input and selection. The resulting Brand Logo Identity received the sought after majority “ownership” from staff and senior management. More importantly, the entire staff now knows the reason for the design, the methods used to develop the design, and what the design represents. This effort helped add Brand Value and internal support from the beginning.


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