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Cortland Line Company (Cortland, NY)



Establishment & Growth of Social Media Program



Founded in 1915,Cortland Line Company started manufacturing a unique selection of braided silk fishing lines that soon made the company one of the major players in the fishing line business of the early 1900’s.  More than 90 years later, Cortland Line Company has become a worldwide leader in fly and sport fishing lines, rods, reels and other equipment.



Cortland Line made the decision to utilize social media to help promote its products and to boost sales through its online Factory Store. Keegan Associates was given the responsibility of managing Cortland Line’s initial Facebook account as well as establishing and then managing a second Facebook fan page and two Twitter Accounts. The Facebook personal account and one Twitter account would focus on the overall “experience” of fishing and building a community of anglers, while the Facebook fan page and second Twitter account would focus on product sales through Cortland Line’s online Factory Store and website.


Successful Solution:

Keegan Associates helped Cortland Line establish a solid social media strategy. We worked with Cortland Line to clearly establish the key objectives of their social media campaign – assessing their needs, outlining new opportunities and ideas and recommending specific actions for long-term social media marketing success. This included an in-depth analysis of Cortland Line’s presence across various social media channels and a strategy for ways to improve it; a review of Cortland Line’s key competitors and their social media presence; and the development of a comprehensive, long-term social media strategy that integrated their current marketing efforts with social media channels.


Here’s what happened in just the first month alone:

  • The Facebook “experience” account added more than 400 friends.
  • The Facebook “store” page gained more than 100 fans and over 2,100 post views.
  • Keegan Associates utilized several Internet tools to establish and grow the two Twitter accounts, taking them from 0 to more than 400 followers each.
  • Both Facebook and Twitter were used to promote special discounts available at the online Factory Store, which led to a surge in online sales.
  • Facebook and Twitter were also used to launch several new products, which generated advance orders before the products were even ready for mass distribution.





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